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Euchronia 2010 Prerelease tickets Now On Sale & First Lineup Annoucement Revealed! [27 Sep 2010|11:35pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Greetings fellow lovers of all things steamy & neoVictorian! It is my great pleasure to be able to inform you our very special pre-release ticket tranche for Euchronia 2010 is now on sale, and our first artist & attraction announcement is below.

Prepare to be amazed, as even this first round of announcements includes some incredible artists on the bill!

Artists & AttractionsCollapse )

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Cleanfeed [17 Dec 2009|12:04am]


I have a great deal of respect for Getup!, but this is one of those things where I think more direct action is needed:

Sen. Stephen Conroy

Parliamentary office

Suite MG70
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

Tel: 02 6277 7480
Fax: 02 6273 4154
Ministerial office

Level 4, 4 Treasury Place
Melbourne Vic 3002

Tel: 03 9650 1188
Fax: 03 9650 3251
Electorate office

Suite 1B
494 High St
Epping Vic 3076

Tel: 03 9408 0190
Fax: 03 9408 0194

email: minister@dbcde.gov.au

If you have access to a fax machine, I suggest faxing or emailing a protest letter to all three offices. Cost you a buck or two at most. Given the poor understanding the minister seems to have for the technology within his portfolio, I suspect old fashioned paper will have a larger impact. Me, I'm buying a book of stamps and getting onto it.
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latex me [16 Dec 2009|09:26am]

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BDSM items for sale [13 Dec 2009|12:30am]

I'm selling a Few Items - the collar has only been worn once and not during play at all -

Bondage Leather locking collar - Purple Leather - cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll
and also
Bondage Leash with leather handle and chain cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll
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Australian Prime Minister Vows to Fight Marriage Equality [29 Jul 2009|11:26am]

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd of Australia has made hypocritical statements regarding same-sex marriage. He maintains his party "respects" same-sex couples, but still vows to fight against their right to marry.

Take action by contacting the Prime Minister and urging him to support marriage rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual couples.

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[29 Jul 2009|07:23pm]

Hi everyone,

There doesn't seem to be much in the way of WA based kink/bondage sites, so I naturally came here instead! If anyone could point me in the direction of some nice kinky Perth pages/clubs, that would be fantastic.

Ive just finished my website for the new bondage restraint Ive developed. Please feel free to give me feedback on the design and of course the product :)


All handmade right here in perth, and the sales help me fund my hobby of developing more gear!


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quickie music rant [26 Jul 2009|08:43am]

i don't understand why being kinky means that you don't like lyrics, a catchy tune, or recognisable music. 

kinky events all over the place have the same non-descript doof stuff.  every now and then there's a mash-up or a sample that is recognisable  - the crowd reacts, even cheers, and fills the floor... only to have it dissipate back into non-descript beats again as soon as they get into it. 

i'm not asking for top 40 - but is it too much to ask to have songs we know and that bring a smile to our faces? 

this has bothered me for years, at kink events across the board.  i hope i'm not stepping on anyone's toes - just my own opinion. 


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"Getting over" a fetish [24 Mar 2009|12:55pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anyone out there had a fetish - or even several fetishes - that they simply got over or lost interest in?  How common is this experience?

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Hellfire's March Club Night [25 Feb 2009|10:10am]

[ mood | chipper ]

The original, and still the best fetish night club in Sydney returns for a dirty March Club Night. Check our blog http://www.hellfiresydney.com/blog for more info on performances as it comes to light. This month we welcome a new resident DJ onto the decks - DJ Sveta.

March Hellfire 2009 Poster

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Club Maitresse: Sydney's Newest Fetish Club, This Saturday 7/2 [02 Feb 2009|08:33pm]

Club Maitresse, Sydney's newest Fetish nightspot at the Forbes Hotel, 30 York St Sydney, Kicks off on Saturday February 7th with 2 levels of perverted fun. The 1st level will have some of Sydney's Best Dark Electro & Psytrance DJs spinning the tunes all night & the top floor will see all the action in the pit or just chill out at the cocktail bar.
Doors open at 9pm with a happy hour from 9 - 10 & Entry is $20.

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Disability + National BDSM Convention Stuff [16 Jan 2009|11:37am]

Hi everyone!

A bunch of folks are working towards the goal of organizing a national BDSM convention here in Australia. Most of it is happening behind the scenes at the moment and is in the very early stages of collecting information and such.

I'm collecting information from disabled kinky folks, being a disabled kinky person myself.

If you're disabled and kinky (or the partner of someone who is disabled and kinky), I'd really like to hear your opinions on the following:

* What concerns do you have about a national BDSM convention in regards to disability?

* What would you love to see at a national BDSM convention in regards to disability?

* Do you have anything you could contribute to a national BDSM convention in regards to disability and would you be willing to do so?

You can leave your answers here in a comment, or you can email me at not.in.denial@gmail.com :)

I'd like to collect as many opinions as possible. Thanks folks!


(xposted like a muscle spasm in my leg)
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All I want for Christmas is a bondage bed! [29 Dec 2008|07:55pm]

Hi everyone!

I'm having a bit of trouble, and was wondering if any of you lovely people who live in Oz could help me. See, I really, REALLY want one of THESE, but I currently live in Australia. Does anyone know of any manufacturers of bondage beds in Australia? It doesn't have to be exactly like the one in the link, just your standard, everyday bondage bed!! The thought of having one shipped from Canada or the U.S makes my brain (and wallet) hurt. Thanks in advance, and I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. :D

(X-posted to male_dom and aus_fetish)
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Sergeant Satomi's Hellfire Xmas Interrogation [16 Dec 2008|12:40pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Satomi - LIVE at Hellfire THIS FRIDAY (1)

Internationally renowned fetish performer extraordinaire, Satomi last graced our stage in a fetish burlesque act last November, so we are delighted to present her more than a year later in an act involving military interrogation, bondage and burlesque!

I am sure we will all watch captivated as Sergeant Satomi (hired by none other than the fat man himself, Santa Claus) sets out to interrogate who has been bad and who has been good. What ever will she have to do to do to get all the naughty boys and girls admit to their mischief?

You can catch this incredible act at Hellfire at 1.30am THIS FRIDAY. I'll leave you with an image of the beautiful Satomi looking rather like a present you'd have to be made of stone not to want to unwrap...

Satomi - LIVE at Hellfire THIS FRIDAY (2)

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Vale "The Dark Angel" [12 Dec 2008|04:06pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]


April 22, 1923 - December 11, 2008

aus_fetish notes, with sadness, the passing of a legend, the great Bettie Page
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Sydney's New Dark Electro Fetish Club [11 Dec 2008|10:55pm]


for more info click HERE

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URGENT - two tickets for play piercing workshop [09 Dec 2008|01:44pm]

i've got two tickets to Lukas Zpira's play piercing and cutting workshop tomorrow night 7-9pm at uber in Sydney. i bought them for $49 each, how about $40 each? please?? anyone?? pass onto your friends and kinky neighbours? already wasted $40 on a party last saturday night i couldn't go to, uber's making a fortune out of me!!
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Performers for new fetish night in Sydney [09 Dec 2008|04:14pm]

Starting the 1st weekend in feb, Im running a monthly fetish night at the Forbes Hotel called Maitresse. Its a small venue so the stage show like performance at HF wont be an option, so I want to concentrate more on small side show type things that can be drawn out so that something is always happening. ie Japanese rope work demo.
These side shows would be very close to the crown but no audience participation per say (ie no flogging punters).
I want scenes that will typically run for 45min - 1hr.

If you are interested please email me via rivettingpromotion@gmail.com

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Euchronia NYE Melbourne - only 1 week left for standard release tickets! [08 Dec 2008|03:33pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Not strictly a fetish event - but there'll be more corsets per square metre than any other event in Melbourne this NYE! Plus, everyone knows the Victorians were kinky as hell ;)

Just a heads-up that $55 tickets are only available for one more week at all ticket outlets and online - after 15th December, tickets will be available @ $65 from selected outlets only, Wildilocks @ The Lockworks, Peril Underground, Blue Attic, and of course online, right up until NYE unless sold out. Ticket sales are really flying now, and it is even possible that standard release tickets may sell out before the 15th, so don't drag your bootheels if you were planning to leave it as late as possible, but don't want to pay third tier prices.

Keep your eye out in the mainstream media over the next couple of weeks too, you may see us appearing in some far-flung places! Our art team under the direction of the hugely talented Monica Zanchetta is coming up with some truly wondrous creations which will be transforming the venue into something out of this century. This truly is something unique and I'm not sure if Melbourne has ever seen the like - nor any other city, for that matter!

We also have one last addition to our overflowing bill, and that is the bizarre Ebenezer Schadenfreude of Petite Mort who has graciously agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Huzzah!

Full lineup & details under the cut, what-ho!

Read more...Collapse )

As always, apologies for any deja-vu you may be experiencing. Do not adjust your monitor. The effects will pass in a few moments.
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New Piercer At Dragon's Lair Tattoo [16 Nov 2008|11:41am]

UPDATE: Due to various issues, we have changed who we were hiring and are extremely happy with our new choice.

Well, as promised, we have finally hired a new, fully qualified and extremely talented piercer.

DK (formerly of Sin the Skin) has joined our family on a permanent basis.

We welcome DK, and his current and future clients into the fold and are excited about the upcoming months and all they will bring to our studio.

With over 12 years of experience, DK is extremely talented in all aspects of piercings, including male and female genital work, along with dermal anchors, suspension assistance, dermal punching, scalpelling, and other modification practices.

In addition to in-studio training, he also has tertiary qualifications in anatomy and physiology, to further his understanding of the human body's needs.

Feel free to come in and have a chat to any member of our team, enquire about prices or make a booking.

We will also be announcing some piercing specials leading up to Xmas as a present to all our clients, so stay tuned!

Dragon's Lair is located at 54 Haig Street (Palms Shopping Centre), Loganlea, Queensland.
We can be contacted on (07) 3200 5810.
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Midori workshops Melb/Sydney Nov 2008 [28 Oct 2008|09:37pm]
Posted on behalf of Ms Dee of Uber (the organiser).

Melb venue is Fitzroy, Sydney venues are Chippendale & Fox Studios.
Payment is online via the web page, spaces are limited, yes you can bring Midori's books for her to sign once she's had a break post class and all other enquiries to Ms Dee please.


Please feel free to cross post.
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