the duchess (duchessdeath) wrote in aus_fetish,
the duchess

quickie music rant

i don't understand why being kinky means that you don't like lyrics, a catchy tune, or recognisable music. 

kinky events all over the place have the same non-descript doof stuff.  every now and then there's a mash-up or a sample that is recognisable  - the crowd reacts, even cheers, and fills the floor... only to have it dissipate back into non-descript beats again as soon as they get into it. 

i'm not asking for top 40 - but is it too much to ask to have songs we know and that bring a smile to our faces? 

this has bothered me for years, at kink events across the board.  i hope i'm not stepping on anyone's toes - just my own opinion. 


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