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"Getting over" a fetish

Has anyone out there had a fetish - or even several fetishes - that they simply got over or lost interest in?  How common is this experience?

The reason I ask is this:

When I was a teenager I had occasional moments of repressed curiosity about cross-dressing, but didn't even acknowledge this, much less explore it until my mid-20s. Once I did I found it wildly erotic to dress in stockings and silk or satin panties, and I even considered one day going out en femme, or dressed as a woman, though I never considered myself to look convincingly female, while at the same time I didn't want to gain unwanted attention.


I did research on the cross-dressing/transvestitism fetish, even became a member of for a time, but the more I looked into it, the more my interest waned. The site had a course or program in which graduates start out blokes interested in cross-dressing (or at the very outer wearing women's undies occasionally) and finish up fully-fledged she-hes or even transgendered. One part of this was a tampon up the fundamental, on the dubious premise of helping a man appreciate what a woman goes through with her monthly cycles.  I enjoyed cross-dressing, but I enjoyed being a man too, and had no desire to give that up (and for health reasons there was no way I was sticking tampons up my arse). Having decided this wasn't for me, the fetish for cross-dressing/transvestitism seemed to fade, and doesn't really do anything for me now.

I knew that ultimately I was male, and enjoyed being a man.  Paradoxically helped to kill my inner sissy stone dead.  

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