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Disability + National BDSM Convention Stuff

Hi everyone!

A bunch of folks are working towards the goal of organizing a national BDSM convention here in Australia. Most of it is happening behind the scenes at the moment and is in the very early stages of collecting information and such.

I'm collecting information from disabled kinky folks, being a disabled kinky person myself.

If you're disabled and kinky (or the partner of someone who is disabled and kinky), I'd really like to hear your opinions on the following:

* What concerns do you have about a national BDSM convention in regards to disability?

* What would you love to see at a national BDSM convention in regards to disability?

* Do you have anything you could contribute to a national BDSM convention in regards to disability and would you be willing to do so?

You can leave your answers here in a comment, or you can email me at :)

I'd like to collect as many opinions as possible. Thanks folks!


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I'd be very interested in seeing where this goes :)

* National conventions are (at times) political and I think the main thrust of the convention would need to be adhered to (as opposed to the old YKINOK debates).

* Would would I like to see included in regards to disability? Access both in attendance (obivously) and sugegstions for degrees of disabled persons' access to the BDSM community and events/activites.

* I am not sure what I could contribute (at the moment) but I'll seriously think on it. I know that this community has a great number of persons in it with a wide range of experiences and approaches. I'm sure you'll get a LOT of suggestions :)

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re: the second part, I'll hopefully be doing some disability and kink related workshops, as well as some transgender related workshops and possibly some other stuff. So there's at least one of us doing workshops! :)
I agree, Hex. My comment was meant to cover the spectrum of disability, not just physical :)