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Sergeant Satomi's Hellfire Xmas Interrogation

Satomi - LIVE at Hellfire THIS FRIDAY (1)

Internationally renowned fetish performer extraordinaire, Satomi last graced our stage in a fetish burlesque act last November, so we are delighted to present her more than a year later in an act involving military interrogation, bondage and burlesque!

I am sure we will all watch captivated as Sergeant Satomi (hired by none other than the fat man himself, Santa Claus) sets out to interrogate who has been bad and who has been good. What ever will she have to do to do to get all the naughty boys and girls admit to their mischief?

You can catch this incredible act at Hellfire at 1.30am THIS FRIDAY. I'll leave you with an image of the beautiful Satomi looking rather like a present you'd have to be made of stone not to want to unwrap...

Satomi - LIVE at Hellfire THIS FRIDAY (2)
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