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Euchronia NYE Melbourne - only 1 week left for standard release tickets!

Not strictly a fetish event - but there'll be more corsets per square metre than any other event in Melbourne this NYE! Plus, everyone knows the Victorians were kinky as hell ;)

Just a heads-up that $55 tickets are only available for one more week at all ticket outlets and online - after 15th December, tickets will be available @ $65 from selected outlets only, Wildilocks @ The Lockworks, Peril Underground, Blue Attic, and of course online, right up until NYE unless sold out. Ticket sales are really flying now, and it is even possible that standard release tickets may sell out before the 15th, so don't drag your bootheels if you were planning to leave it as late as possible, but don't want to pay third tier prices.

Keep your eye out in the mainstream media over the next couple of weeks too, you may see us appearing in some far-flung places! Our art team under the direction of the hugely talented Monica Zanchetta is coming up with some truly wondrous creations which will be transforming the venue into something out of this century. This truly is something unique and I'm not sure if Melbourne has ever seen the like - nor any other city, for that matter!

We also have one last addition to our overflowing bill, and that is the bizarre Ebenezer Schadenfreude of Petite Mort who has graciously agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Huzzah!

Full lineup & details under the cut, what-ho!

Live Bands: The Tenth Stage, Sforzando and Dandelion Wine

DJs: Lobotomy, Gus Exposition, Mixmaster Malice, Nettie, Tigerlily [SYDNEY], Viscera, Omega [BRISBANE]

Performances: Rosy Rabbit [burlesque], Alex de Rambelje [cabaret magic], SerpentSkirt [Raqs Gothique], Tank the Muppet [risque circus], The Tanquerays [burlesque], Ebenezer Schadenfreude [Master of Ceremonies]

Other Attractions: Victorian portrait photography by Assassinus for all patrons, display of genuine vintage Stereoscopes, Special members-only event before GA featuring the dashing Sir Frederick Chook.

For full bios of performers pop over here!

Tickets: Get your tickets now online, or from any of the following fine outlets before 15 December @ $55 [plus booking fee if applicable]:

Peril Underground Elizabeth St, Melbourne CBD
Heartland Records Peel St, North Melbourne
Charley Weaver Chapel St, Windsor
Muff Clothing Degraves St Subway and Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne CBD
Lulamae South Melbourne and Sydney Rd, Brunswick
Vicious Venus Smith St, Collingwood
Blue Attic Lygon St, East Brunswick

Info: +61396423384

Venue: Victorian Trades Hall, corner Lygon & Victoria Streets, Melbourne

Time: 9pm - 3:30am

Visuals: by Monica Zanchetta & associates


The full blurb:

Euchronia is a steampunk / neo-Victorian Year's End Ball taking place in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on the last day of the calendar year of 2008. The event officially opens for general admission at 9pm and proceedings will continue 'til the early hours of the following morning. Our venue is the fabulous and anachronistic Victorian Trades Hall, an historic Victorian Era building at the edge of the Melbourne CBD which features a perfect blend of history and realism to delight the neo-Victorian enthusiast.

"Euchronia" is a play on words, in this form taken from the Greek "eu", meaning "good", and "chronos", "time". Time is a central theme of the event, and you may notice things not quite as they should appear in a twenty-first century ball. If you look carefully at the details, you may see evidence of some rather astounding happenings occurring during the evening. The pronunciation of Euchronia is identical to "Uchronia" [which means "no time"], but the event should not be confused with the fantastic art structure by that name created at Burning Man in 2006.

Membership to the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers is also offered to those who would like to complete their experience with a special members-only pre-event, a horse & carriage ride and shiny shiny pocketwatch. More information here!

Euchronia will feature three separate sound-spaces, each with a different musical focus. The New Ballroom will feature a mix of new romantic, gothic fusion, industrial, retro, futuristic, electro and EBM music. The Bella Union Bar will host several live cabaret-style acts as well as DJs. Finally, our third sound space The Annex is a designated relaxation space with a more ambient and layed-back soundscape. See full details on all performers & DJ's here.

As always, apologies for any deja-vu you may be experiencing. Do not adjust your monitor. The effects will pass in a few moments.
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You have NO idea how much I want to go... but am already booked up here in Sydney!
Awww, it would be great to see you too, it's been ages! I don't know when I'll next be heading to Sydney :/